Mint phases

In this short tutorial, we will go over the mint phases.
Note: You must have set at least one mint phase, with a maximum of 3. When you only set one mint phase, this will be the date and time that people can mint your collection.
Step 1: Click on ‘+ Add mint phase’.
Step 2: Select the time you want this specific mint phase to start.
Step 3: Fill in the number of NFTs for this mint phase.
Step 4: Enter the mint price for this specific mint phase.
Step 5: Enter the amount of claims per wallet. This is the amount of NFTs that can be minted by one wallet
Step 6: You can enter the name of each phase at ‘Phase name’.
Step 7: If you want to enable a whitelist, click on ‘Yes’. The new ‘Whitelist CSV file’ label should appear.
Step 8: Add your whitelist by uploading the CSV file, containing all the wallet addresses.
If you want to add more mint phases to your collection, simply click on ‘+ Add mint phase’ and repeat the same steps described above.
Once you have completely filled out your mint phases, click on ‘Update mint phases’, and approve the transaction.