🌐Connection problems (RPC)

The acronym RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call. RPCs enable remote communication with servers and allow the execution of programs in a different location. In the context of blockchain, an RPC allows access to a server node on the specified network, facilitating communication and interaction with the blockchain.

To interact with a blockchain, it is necessary to access the network servers using a suitable and generic option that allows operations such as viewing a balance, creating a transaction, or interacting with a smart contract. RPCs provide the means to establish this connection with the servers.

RPC servers can go offline or experience connection issues. Mintpad loads all blockchain information through the RPC configured in your wallet. Therefore, it is necessary to connect with your Metamask wallet in order to perform a transaction. In some cases, an RPC may become overloaded due to high traffic. In such situations, it is useful to know how to switch to a different RPC.

If you are experiencing problems with viewing your collection page on Mintpad, or when you are editing the contract in your dashboard do the following:

Step 1: Head over to chainlist.org.

Step 2: Look for the blockchain you are experiencing problems with.

Step 3: When you click on the little arrow at the bottom of the blockchain section, a table should pop up with all the RPC URLs for that blockchain.

Step 4: Select the RPC server address at the top, that’s the best performing RPC Address at that time. Click on β€˜Connect Wallet’.

Step 5: A pop up should appear from MetaMask saying β€œAllow this site to add a network?”. Approve this notification.

Step 6: Try to reconnect to your smart contract on Mintpad.

Still experiencing issues? Contact our support by: support@mintpad.co

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