On this page, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from creators. This page is frequently updated.

Is launching a collection free?

The platform is 100% free for creators. This applies to all supported blockchains currently and those that will be added. We do not take a percentage from your revenue.

What type of contracts (721/1155) does Mintpad support?

Mintpad supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155, including an ERC-1155 Evolve contract where creators can add a burn phase to their open edition. Currently, we support a 2-to-1 burn ratio. Soon, we will introduce support for additional options for this type of contract.

Does the art get generated as the tokens are minted?

No, you generate all the metadata and images with the Mintpad generator before uploading them to Mintpad. On platforms like OpenSea, you will only see the NFTs that have been minted. So, let's say you have a collection of 1000, but only 900 are minted. Officially, there are only 900 NFTs in the collection. However, you can always upload more and expand the collection. When uploading a batch of NFTs, you can choose to reveal them in batches as well.

Does the wallet checker work before the mint is live?

When you upload a CSV file containing all the wallets, they are stored in the smart contract of your collection. If people try to mint but their wallets are not whitelisted, they will receive a notification informing them of their non-eligible status.

Is there an option to automatically mint a certain number of NFTs directly to a team wallet?

Yes, this is possible. What you do is create a team mint phase before announcing the minting page to the community. You can send the minting page to the team members for them to mint. Afterward, you can remove this phase and add a new one for the public minting phases.

Is there an option to turn off being traded on BLUR or other no-royalty platforms?

Currently, this functionality is not available. However, we have plans to add it in the future, enabling creators to have control over where their collection can be traded.

Is there a certain format our WL sheet has to be before saving as .csv to upload?

What is likely going wrong is that there is a space or an incorrect wallet address included. We are currently working on a wallet validator that will detect and identify these errors for you. You are welcome to send us the CSV file at support@mintpad.co, and we will help rectify the errors to ensure a smooth process. It's important to remember that Microsoft Excel structures CSV files differently from Google Sheets. Therefore, it is crucial to use Google Spreadsheets for this purpose.

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