Create a generative NFT collection

In this tutorial, we explain how to deploy your generative NFT collection on the blockchain. You do this first before adding all other information, such as the artwork, and price. For this type of collection, you need a ERC721 contract.
Step 1: Go to​
Step 2: Select ‘NFT Drop’.
After you have selected ‘NFT Drop’, the platform takes you to the smart contract settings.
Step 3: Select the blockchain that you want to launch your collection on.
Tip: If you hover over the question marks, you will get a simple explanation on what that form or box means.
Step 4: Fill in the symbol/ticker box. It will show up in the hash of the smart contract, consider it like a stock ticker.
Step 5: Fill in the creator Royalties. These are a set percentage that you receive from secondary NFT sales on marketplaces. Most collections will set royalties anywhere from 2-10%
Step 6: Fill in your collection name and the description of your collection.
Step 7: Click on ‘Deploy smart contract’. A wallet transaction should pop up, approve the transaction.
From there, the platform will take you to the management page.